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Unit III Math Exam – Study Guide -- Exam December 17,2008

Factors and Multiples
• Be able to define multiple.
• Be able to define a factor.
• Be able to list multiples of a number given.
• Be able to list the factors of a number given.
• Define a prime number.
• Define a composite number.
• Identify or list examples of a prime number.
• Identify or list examples of a composite number.
• complete a factor tree show the composite and prime numbers.

• Using a diagram be able to represent a fraction and vise-versa.
• Be able to use cross-multiplication to compare two fractions. (>,<,=)
• Order a set of 4 fractions from least to greatest (common denominator)
• Be able to define a numerator.
• Be able to define a denominator.

Social Studies

Unit one is complete and we are heading into our second.  Students well be taking an in-depth investigating into the six physical regions of Canada.  Students will be responsible to discover and recall the following about each of the six regions.

   I can identify natural resources from this physical region
   I can identify groups of people who live in this region.
   I can discuss how the land, water and climate affect the quality of life.
   I can identify/discuss a conflict that has occurred or is occurring in this region.
   I can identify and discuss how the people of this region have cooperated.
   I can use new vocabulary in writing and discussion about this physical region.


Our chemistry unit is complete and was a huge success amongst the students.  The unit exam was well received and many students celebrated with honors achievement. 

Our next unit of investigation is weather.  We have many exciting activities planned and laboratory demonstrations to enhance our understanding.

We will also be overlapping Science Fair with this unit.  Please talk with your son/daughter or Mom/Dad about the important deadlines and expectations of Science Fair.

All deadlines are listed in the science fair student hand booklet.

General Information

I continue to enjoy working, teaching, and learning from my students.  Thank you for the opportunity.


Mr. Ellard        
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