realestateprinciples Ms. Lyons
Mt. San Antonio College, Business Division Real Estate Instructor
<B>Arlette Lyons Real Estate Principles Class

Real Estate Principles Class--BUSR 50

This is Some of the Many Interesting Things You'll Learn in This Class:

  1. Personal Property and Real Property

  2. Legal Descriptions, Titles

  3. Real Estate Contracts

  4. Practical Real Estate Mathematics

  5. Introduction to Real Estate Financing

  6. Real Estate Appraisal

  7. Government Loans & Secondary Mortgage Market

  8. Real Estate Appraisal

  9. Escrow and Title Insurance Companies

  10. Landlord and Tenant Relations

  11. A Career in Real Estate

After you've Completed this class, you will be able to:

  1. Apply for the State Examination for Real Estate Sales Licensing

  2. Pursue Real Estate related Careers

  3. Be well informed when transacting one of the most important financial decisions a property owner makes
For more information, see: or call Mrs. Lyons at (626) 331-0141 E-mail:
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