reallife Jeremy
Grace Christian Church Youth Minister
Welcome to the REAL LIFE MINISTRY pageā€¦

If you can take just a couple of minutes I will tell what "Real Life Ministries" is really all about.

Goals- is to reach out to all youth, and share the Word of God with them.  Teaching young guys and girls how to share thier faith with others.

Wednesday night, both Jr. and Sr. High meet at 6:00 with a coffee house, while watching music videos.  Then at 6:35 we kick off the night with praise music, led by our youth praise band.  We rap up the night with a devotional helping us draw closer to Christ.

Also Sunday morning @ 9:30 there is Sunday School for both Jr. and Sr. High.  This is a time were we can learn more about Christ and His will for our life.  Making the Bible something which still applies today!

Upcomming EVENTS-

IN HOME BIBLE STUDIES- Those of you who said you would like to be involved in a home bible study please be aware that those will start the 1st week of February.

SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE- Feb, 6th @ 6pm.  The theme this month is "Sport Night" so make sure you wear a jersey of your favorite team.  There will be games, music, & pizza! 
We hope to see you there! Also bring your friends!

30 Hour Famine- This will start on Feb. 25 with a concert by
NEWSBOYS, with special guests Soncic Flood & BeanBag.  The cost for these tickets is $20 each.  From there we will be coming back to the church for an overnight event with with games, more music, devos. and some other surprises.
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