records Paul
Diskovery Mountain Employment Services Computer Instructor
Prepare the attached list in alphabetical order.
Use the heading RESERVATIONS FOR [Use Tomorrow's Date]
Divide the names so that you can have 2 columns of 12 rows each.

Bev Berrington (Mr.)
The Fifth Choice Player's
Jeffery Rojola
Gaston Sanders
Tom Duchnicki
Kelly Seward
Travellers' Airlines
Bernice Bruyere
Rainy Lake Hotel
Mr. & Mrs. F. Mary
Jerry Woods
Marilyn Allan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sveinson
75 Club
Bell Canada
Fort Floral
Doctor Donald Atkinson
Colleen Neilsen
La Place Rendezvous
Heirloom Toys
Doug Copeland
Gerry Cornies
Julian Blunetta
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