redenglishlen Ms. Joan Lenington
Welome to 8th Grade English!
I hope you all had excellent vacations and are rested, refreshed and ready to roll!

During this year, you will be: reading (books that I choose and books that you chose),writing (a lot!), reading aloud and reciting, discussing, persuading, continuing your study of the structure of the English sentence (i.e. grammar), learning and using new words and much more!

For the first time, I will be using a website to supplement
information you receive in class.  The site will
primarily record assignments and due dates. I will try
to up-date it each week, but you should always WRITE DOWN IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK THE ASSIGNMENTS THAT APPEAR ON THE BLACKBOARD each day. Use this website as a double check if you are unsure of a date, or to find out what you missed during an absence. However, THE IN-CLASS POSTING IS THE MOST RELIABLE.>

Since the website is new for me, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on what works and what could be improved about the use of the site.

Looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Lenington


Thurs. Sept. 7          Purchase materials
  Due: Mon. Sept. 11     Three ring binder            
                           1 inch
                         Lined paper-3 hole
                         pens-2 different colors
                         spiral or                    
                          composition notebook
Fri. Sept. 8
  Due: Mon. Sept. 11     Name piece-see handout for
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