reedstein Tina Reed & Monique Stein
Ephrata Area School District Environmental Science (CES)
Welcome to Consumer Environmental Science. The successful completion of this course will give you science credit towards graduation. We will cover a number of topics centering around our environment.   This information will be covered by use of texts, labs, videos, and field trips.
   This class is also one of the classes that Ephrata High School is offering as a Co-taught class.  This means there are two teachers in the room, team teaching.  With two teachers in the classroom, students will have the opportunity for more individualized help, a variety of teaching strategies, and small group instruction.
   We hope this page is helpful to both students and parents alike.  We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

-Respect yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and your school.
-Be in class on time - begin work immediately
-Do not use vulgar or offensive languate
-Be prepared for class (pen/sharpened pencil, binder, and textbook)
-Sit in assigned seats unless directed

1st offense - warning, parent call and/or teacher detention
2nd offense - parent call and teacher detention
3rd offense - referral to office

Praise, Positive Notes Home, Student of the Week, & other Positive Perks

PLAN (This is only a guide, it is flexible)
MON - Intro class & Rules
TUES - Cornicopianism vs. Environmentalism
WED - Sustainablity & QUICK QUIZ
THUR - Instruments of Science
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