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Robert E. Lee Elementary Spanish grades 2-4
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Week of 6-10 de marzo
Grades 2-4

2nd Grade-Continue "Alfabeto".
Monday & Tuesday- Introduce H,I,J,K,L,ll,M,N.  Practice sounds and sound recognition.
Wednesday & Thursday-  Review letters A-N. Play "Around the World" in Spanish using target letters for reinforcement.
Friday- Reveiw and continue alfabeto.

3rd Grade-  Begin "Natureleza".
Monday & Tuesday- Introduce el arbol, la hierba, la flor.  Begin list of target vocab. words.  TPR activities. 
Wed. & Thurs.- Continue nature vocab.  TPR activities.
Friday- Review all target vocab. and choose Spanish activity for reinforcement.

4th Grade-
Monday- Assembly 12:30-1:00
Tues. & Wed.- Finish "comida" quiz.  If time, grade in class.
Thurs. & Fri.- Begin "Los Deportes".  Intro. el futbol, el futbol americano, el beisbol.  TPR activities.
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