reminders Mrs. D.
Westmount Park School  
                       SCHOOL PROJECTS

Take your projects home and put them in a safe place for reference for next year.

Remember the following.

You will always need:

- title page
- table of contents
- written text
- illustrations
- glossary
- bibliography

Other notes to keep in mind:

Find your important information and write it down in  simple words or phrases.

After you have done that then you can rewrite the information in complete sentences. 

Find pictures or charts  that relate to your  written text.  You can draw, photocopy or trace pictures.  Remember that colour and layout are very important.  You might want to make a border to each of your illustration pages.

This is included to give the definition of any difficult words or phrases.  Remember to match the definition with the text you have written.  Must be in alphabetical order.

This is the list of references you have used.  Some of the resources you have used may include the dictionary, atlas, internet, encyclopedia and people.  Include the title, author, publisher, date of publication.  Separate information by commas.  Must be in alphabetical order according to the first large word of the title. 

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