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St. Laurence Catholic School 1B Teacher Room 104
January 21st-25th, 2002      "C" Week Schedule

Today, (Tuesday, January 21st) is our spelling bee!  We had very spirited and long competitions to come up with our class representatives.  The order of their finish was as follows:  Abigail Anderson, Jordan Hancock, Stephen Rao (1st alternate) and Diana Hoang (2nd alternate).  All of the children who participated in the elimination rounds had great fun and were very encouraging to the remaining contestants.  I'll let you know the results later today as to how our "representatives" (kiddos) do.

Our schedule for this week is as follows:
Monday:  1/21/02
         No School:  Martin Luther King Holiday Observed

Tuesday:  1/22/02
          Spelling Bee
          Book Reports were due today!!! Please have
          your child turn their report in!!

Wednesday: 1/23/02
           SVD Fundraiser: Bring your 50c to purchase     
           T-Shirt Day

Thursday:  1/24/02
           Regular Day

Friday:    1/25/02
           Spelling Test


ride     hide     bite     kite     white     nice

like     time     five     dive     pride     dime

mice     slide

BONUS WORDS: Contractions

she's     he's     we'll     they'll   

didn't     can't

That is all the news for now!  I wish you all a most blessed and peaceful week.

Yours in Christ,
Miss "Renee" Ranalli

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