Dover High School Garrison Academy English Teacher
  These pages have been designed as a study aid to increase your comprehension of the material covered in class.  All quizzes and test will be derived from the units covered on my pages.  It is your responsibility to access the following pages and to monitor your own learning. 
   If there is any confusion about what is expected from you the student please come and see me in room 320 at any time.  Appointments are optimal.
My Quia activities and quizzes
"The Miracle Worker"
Miracle Worker Unit #2 Vocabulary
9 Honors - Vocabulary Unit #8
9 CP - Speak Vocaulary #1-20
9 TP- Speak Vocaulary #1-20 -
10 TP- To Kill a Mockingbird Ch.8-10 Vocabulary
9 CP - Speak Vocabulary (#21-47)
9 TP - Speak Vocabulary (#16-30)
Poetic Devices
10 TP - To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary (ch. 11-15)
9 Honors - Unit #9 Vocabulary
10 TP Roots and Prefixes (UNIT #1)
CP - Romeo & Juliet Act 1 vocabulary
Romeo & Juliet Act III Vocabulary
Romeo and Juliet Act IV-V Vocabulary
10 TP Death of a Salesman Vocabulary
Useful links
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