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John F. Kennedy High School Study Skills Class
Now is the time to start studying for your final exams. We have less than 6 weeks of school left.
2-4 hours a night would be good.  At least 30-45 minutes a subject then take a break. You will be suprised at how much you will begin to remember and learn.


1. Concentrate during Class.

2. If you have a study hall review with the teacher.

3. Stay after school for extra help.


Sequence 1 - After you buy one of the review books
I suggested take one of the exams, bring it to school and I will correct it. We can discuss any questions you have.

Biology - Study review sheets and vocab words.

MST - Learn vocab words we gave you and study from the review sheets Mr Simme gave you.

Intro to Algebra - Do one or two problems a night from each chapter we studied.

Global 1 - Read old notes and review old tests questions.

Global 2 - After you buy the review books start taking the exams. Grade the exams and then read over the explanation for each question. This is a good beginning.

English - Review all the literature you studied.
    Review all spelling and vocab words you learned.

This site will be updated on a regular basis.

Have a great day! See you soon.
Mr. Pszonak
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