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Welcome to the Restricted Section.  Underaged wizards are reminded that they are not allowed to purchase any books from this section.  Flourish & Blotts is not responsible for any results of using these books.  If accidents occur, please contact the Ministry of Magic as soon as possible.

Moste Potente Potions      3 Galleons  
Curses & Countercurses  Vindictus Viridian  1 G 4 Sickles
Death Omens                2 Galleons
Sonnets of a Sorcerer*     2 Galleons
Visions of Villians*       2 Galleons
Spellbinding Sorcery*      2 Galleons
Uprising of the Evil       3 Galleons
From Death to Life         4 Galleons
Secrets of the Dark Arts*  6 Galleons

*Sonnets of a Sorcerer will keep the reader talking in verse forever.
*Visions of Villans will burn the reader's eyes out.
*The reader will never be able to stop reading Spellbinding Sorcery.
*Secrets of the Dark Arts will only be sold to wizards with an Order of Merlin title.
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