Freeport Elementary School Computer teacher-- Freeport and South Buffalo
Students are learning through the TechWorks curriculum. This allows the children to learn a variety of technology with skills being repeated throughout the school year to enhance their learning.

Students in first through third grade are learning proper hand placement and letter location on the keyboard. Children in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades are enhancing their typing skills and improving their speed and accuracy.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders are learning technology words this year. We are using the Internet to take  multiple choice tests and we will be reviewing and testing the words throughout the year


Students are learning computer parts such as CPU, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and monitor. Children are using programs to help enhance their use of the mouse. Students are learning how to make a simple picture in Kidpix using the stamps. Children are reviewing concepts taught in class such as over, under, in, and out with Jumpstart Kindergarten.


Children are reviewing how to use the mouse and computer parts. Students learned how to turn a computer on and off. We also discussed other electrical appliances that can be turned on and off. We are learning how to save to a floppy disk.  We are learning how to word process and are mastering the shift, return, and delete keys. We know how to make a capital letter and put a period at the end of a sentence. We are learning more about Kidpix and how to use the drawing tools.


Children made pictures in Kidpix about the people they care about. We reviewed word processing in Microsoft Word and were taught how to import the picture into the word processor.  We are learning various drawing tools in Kidpix and Kidworks  to make a pictures about our favorite seasons and forms of transportation. We are learning various fonts, sizes and colors of text in the word processor.

Students have been reviewing word processing in Microsoft Word by doing creative writing. We have been enhancing our writing by importing pictures from the Internet. We are learning how to search on the Internet using different strategies.

Students have been doing research about various countries on the Internet. We have placed out facts into the database, spreadsheet, and word processor. We are creating projects using the word processor and Kidpix depicting what we enjoy doing with our friends.


Students reviewed word processing, clipart, and spell check. Students have been learning additional features in Kidpix. We are doing creative writing in the word processor as well.


We are using the Internet to copy images about our favorite authors into a presentation program. We discussed copyright and why it is important. We are making some creative writing projects using the word processor and Kidpix.

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