revering Mrs. Revering
Lloydminster Public School Division Lead Teacher Enhanced Learning
As the Lead theacher for the Enhanced Learning project I am happy to communicate the work that we are undertaking in our school division.The Enhanced Learning Project has been established as a support for teachers in the Lloydminster Public School Division, funded through a grant entitled AISI- Alberta Initiative for School Improvement. The Project will provide support for the two initiatives that the school division began in 1995 as part of the Division’s Strategic Plan. Those initiatives being: Community of Learners and Teaching Styles. The Project will provide interested teachers with the following services:
      Initial instruction
      On-going classroom support

The improvement goals for students as outlined for the AISI project are:
1. Students will use Community of Learners to interact constructively and cooperatively
2. Students will enhance the quality of their written work as a result of the critical and creative stimuli drawn from the Community of Learners environment.
3. Students will demonstrate increased engagement in their learning tasks and will demonstrate improved achievement in their respective courses as a result of the use of the Teaching Styles method.
4. Students will complete the learning objectives of the course in a timely fashion and will as a consequence have time to devote to the pursuit of enriched topics.
5. An increasing number of teachers will use Community of Learners and Teaching Styles methodologies so as to provide increased continuity of instructional approaches from year to year for students.

What is Alberta Initiative for School Improvement?
As a successor to the School Performance Incentive Program, the AISI program is an approach to supporting the improvement of student learning by encouraging teachers, parents and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative and creative initiatives based on local needs and circumstances. AISI rejects the assumptions and premises of incentive-based programs and accepts the basic idea that an effective school improvement program must be collaboratively planned, developed, and implemented by all partners in a climate of trust, flexibility and common purpose. The government of Alberta and its education partners has provided this funding in addition to the basic school grants and will total $200 million over the next three years. The partners are:

  Alberta Learning
  Alberta Home and School Councils’ Association
  Alberta School Boards Association
  Alberta Teachers Association
  Association of School Business Officials of Alberta
  College of Alberta School Superintendents

An indepth description of both of these models can be found in Teaching in Style by Don Green (ISBN 0-9683204-0-6)and Let Them Show Us the Way by Anne Green (ISBN 1-895411-76-9). We will be conducting two studies over the course of the year on these two delivery models.
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