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Rawls Springs Attendance Center Third Grade Teacher
Welcome to Mrs. Reyer's 3rd grade home page..  I hope you had an enjoyable summer and are ready for a new year of learning.  This page will be updated each month to give you an idea of what we are doing in class. I will try to include :
* Reading stories for home and school
* Math skills
* Projects that are assigned
* Activities that will give practice on skills
* Important announcements
Check the page often for updates.

Week of August 13 :
School story - "Miss Nelson is Missing"
Home story - "Thy Friend, Obadiah"
This is a story about a yound Quaker boy, Obadiah, and an unusual friend - a sea gull.  The sea gull follows the boy everywhere, even to Meeting.  Meeting is what Quakers call their church services.
Addition Facts
Cursive letters l, t, h, and k
Spelling Unit 3 in textbook
Spelling Sentences: 1.  Mom works at a candy shop.
                               2.  My family went to a camp.
                               3.  The funny monster made us laugh.

Week of August 20:
Reading - School Story - "The Three Little Wolves"
                Home Story - "Grandaddy's Place"
Addition and Subtraction Facts
Sentences and Fragments
Spelling Words: ask, next, mix, smell, black, shut, lock,
                         truck, knock, scent, plenty, left, class,
                         fetch, send, milk, last, head, friend, thick
Spelling Sentences: 1.  What happens next in the story?
                                2.  I will help you mix the cake.
                                3.  Don't forget to lock the door.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Addition Facts to 18
Pop Up for Three Little Wolves Vocabulary (In Context)
Is It a Sentence?
Three Little Wolves Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Week of August 14
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