rgent1 Becki
Metropolitan Community College Human Services/C.D. counseling major
Welcome to my page!!!
This is just a general page to help anyone taking any of my classes in the future.
There will be games and activities for you to use at any time relating to the classes I am in.

Please have fun and enjoy college!!!!!

I am currently in the winter quarter. I am taking four classes right now and here is what is happening-

Soc 205- we are currently discussing chap 1 and soon will move into chap 2

Psy 111- we are currently discussing chap 2, but someday we will quit getting on different subjects and get something done.( Don't get me wrong, I'm not complainin')

mat 122- we are preparing for a test on Dec 19, so if anyone needs help, i spent two and half hours with fred on monday- so i better understand it. just give me an e-mail!

Eng 102- we are working on our very detailed library research projects and starting on our judicial review memo's.( remember that we need to turn those in on wed dec 22)

that is the down low. soon i am going to put more games, some for little kids too- for my wonderful son and the 3 beautiful girls I nanny for!! See you soon!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
this is a work in progress. Please e-mail me and let me know....
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