To Whom It May Concern:

My Quia Web-Folio can be helpful for any teacher or group of students. Quia not only allows the teacher to be more creative, helpful, and knowledgable, it allows the students to do the same as well. Quia allows the teacher to prepare technology based activites, more precise quizzes, as well asorganization with its calander of events. Quia is a wonderful learning too for the stduents. It allows them to complete technology based activities, as well as to create their won. It also teaches them the basics like uploading different files and insertiong them. The useful links is one of the most effective tools. It enables the students to view exactly what the teacher meant for them to view and to learn.

Another excellent tool is I Keep Book Marks. This can help the grade level or school that I join as well. This tools allows the teacher and the students to keep track of lessons, activities, web-sites for future use. This tools keeps the students away from spending hours searching for something, it is right there for them. This is a wonderful orginazational tool.

Inspiratin is an "inspirational" tool that I will never go without. Inspiration is a program in which creative lessons, maps, learning guides, etc, can be created in just minutes. It is easy to learn and easy to use. The children will love it as well. EWorksheets are created by the teacher and completed by the students, they work productivly for any type of lesson.

I have created two seperate technology infused learning experioences using Quia. The first one sf the The Great Plant Escape. This lesson involoves the stduents learnig through an interactive web-site that teaches them all about plants, what they are, what they produce, their life cyccle, etc. The students are to go through the site entireley, day by day, and complete the little quizzes that are put throughout it. This is a wonderful web-site, and a hands-on lesson that they studemnts will just love. The second technology infused learning experience lesson is on butterflies. The students are learning about the actual butterfly, the life cycle of a butterfly, and the anatomy of the butterfly. They are learning all of this through another web-site. The stduents then take all of the tinformation they have learned and work in groups to bring it all together using EWorksheets through Inspiration. The stduents share their ideas and their work then do a preseantaion for the class. Technology not only is useful but interesting and effective for the students as well.


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