The Gteat Plant Escape

Grade Level: Sixth Grade


Today we are going to be helping Detective LePlant solve an important case. Throughout this journey you will learn many importnat facts about plants. You will learn about plant structure, the different parts of a plant, different life cycles, and the important factors dealing with growing plants indoors.


1. Locate the web site. 2. Read the information found. 3. Preview the web-site. go through it as if you were a tourist in a new city. 4. Follow Detective LePlant in his journey through case 1. 5. Organize the information that you find with the worksheet below. Fill in only what is asked of you.


1. Follow the directions above in the tasks section. 2. Make sure to read through all of the information found on the web-site. 3. As you are reading through the important information on the web-page, go to the worksheet found in inspiration and fill in the information in the appropriate places. 4. Make sure you save your changes to the worksheet.


There is a mini-test at the end of case 1. You are to complete the test. Do the best you can. You are able to use the information that you put into your worksheet on the test. In the useful link section there is also a rubric for this lesson. make sure that you look at the runbric to ensure that you complete all that is asked of you.
,Br> Plants Worksheet.
Useful links
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