Grade Level: Fifth grade


Today we are going to pretend we are at the Butterfly Conservatory. There are millions of buterflies all around us. Imagine one landing on your arm. What would you be thinking at that moment? Where did this butterfly come from? Why does it look the way it looks? Is it going to bite me? With the help of our imaginations we are going to learn the answers to these questions and many more!


1. Use cooperative learning groups.

2. Read the information on the website in the useful links section that pertains to you.

3. Fill in the eWorkshhet with your groups information.

4. Get together with your group memebers, compare your answers.

5. Present your information to the class.


1. Break up into your copperative learning groups. Groups of 3.

2. Choose a topic. What is a butterfly, what is the life cycle of a butterfly, or what is the anatomy of a butterfly?

3. Research and read through your information found on the web-site (useful links #1).

4. Complete your eWorkshhet with your information.

5. Meet with your group.

6. Compare information, fill in the rest of the information from what you have learned from your group.

7. Discuss as a class what we have learned.

8. You will be presenting what yuor group has learned with a presenation using an on-line poster project. lease see useful links for directions for this exciting poster project.


I have posted a rubric in the useful links sections. Please take a look at it and make sure that you have completed all that is asked of you.

Butterfly eWorksheet
Useful links
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