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Salvete discipuli,

December 20, 2003

The first semester is over. I hope you feel good about what you have learned. We will go over the semester test when we start back on the 6th. I hope that you have already found this page. This is a useful tool to help you prepare your Latin but especially to study vocabulary.

Latin IA - We are starting stage 7 when we return. Begin thinking about a dinner party. You can look for Roman foods on the internet and decide early what you might like to make.  http://www.sussexpast.co.uk/fisbo/Romanrecipies.htm

Latin IB - We will finish up Stage 16 before we begin our study of Hercules. There are many websites to check about Hercules. http://www.mythweb.com/heroes/heroes/html is a place to start. 

Latin I - We will finish Stage 8 and look at some gladiator information before we work on Stage 9.

Latin II - We are beginning stage 28. We will concentrate on uses of the Ablative and uses of the Subjunctive. 

Latin III - We will start stage 39 this week. This will be our second look at authentic Latin. We will be reading some Ovid. We will continue to learn scansion and learn figures of speech. We will look at some SAT II materials as well.

Latin IV - We are ready for line 196 in book IV of the Aeneid. We will take a practice AP exam in the very near future.

Latin Club - Legion XIIII will be here on January 9 for our field trip. Area convention is at Plano West on February 7 and State is in San Antonio the first weekend in April. Remember to bring your permission slip for Legion XIIII. I will be asking for money for area by January 12.

Italy Trip - All travelers must be paid in full by February 10. We will have another meeting in March or April to finalize our preparations.
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