riccio Ms. Riccio
Smoketown Elementary School  
Welcome to "Room 316's Communication Center"! I hope you will be ready for many activities when you arrive on August 29th. You have lots to study and a lot to do this year before going on to the Middle School.
    I'm going to work very hard to provide you with the best learning environment possible. My goal is to develop you into a life-long learner and prepare you to become the best Middle School student you can be.

     Equipment to Bring
a one-inch looseleaf notebook (no substitutions!)
looseleaf paper
subject separators
pens (erasable ones are great)
pencils (keep them sharpened)
bookcovers or paper grocery bags to make book covers
(please, do not buy the stick-on book covers)
optional: scissors, glue stick,
           a box of kleenex for the class

     Assignments are not optional! I expect you to complete every assignment given in class or given for homework.

     This is your last year at Smoketown Elementary School. It will be a time to prepare yourself not just for the Middle School, but for the real world. Let's get started!
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