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Rice Middle School, Foreign Language Department Français 7
Bonjour et bienvenue les élèves!

Already--Second semester French 7???  I can't believe it!  As I told you, this semester may begin to get more challenging.  Please use this site to help you study for upcoming quizzes or test, or simply for extra practice.  Remember--if you are confused-please ask me!  I feel confident that all of you can succeed at this if only you try your hardest. 

You may also click on the useful links below to help you with researching or simply to learn something new.  

Have fun and study. Remember-even if we don't have homework, you can always come online to practice and keep up with your French.

French tutorial times are:
Wed. AM & PM

Some dates to remember:

lundi, le 28 janvier-Progress reports

mardi, le 29 janvier--Examen--leçons 13 & 14--likes/dislikes, etre, aller, questions, negative

vendredi, le 8 février--interro-leçon 15  ER Verbs

mercredi,le 13 février--Examen leçon 15

jeudi, le 14 février--End of the six weeks

My Quia activities and quizzes
Les pronoms et etre
Etre practice
Vocabulaire de lecon 13
Useful links
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