ricetexashistory Mr. Sommer, Ms. Lara, Mrs. Mazurek
Rice Middle School 7th grade Texas History
  Our students did a great job this year and we're very proud of them! 7th graders made 99% on both the Reading and Math TAAS exams this year, proving once again what an exceptional group they are!
  There will be some changes in the Texas History teaching positions next year.  Kristin Mazurek will move to a 6th grade history position and Scott Sommer will move up to an 8th grade American History/Team Leader position.  Martha Lara will continue her position in the 7th grade and as Department Chairperson.  We'll have two new Texas History teachers  in the 7th grade.  We anticipate tremendous growth in our student population and will accomodate this growth with three teams per grade level next year.  We've had a wonderful year with our students and look forward to the next group coming up!


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