rickrodethirdgrade Mrs. Rickrode
Annunciation BVM School Third Grade Teacher
Welcome to third grade!


We are learning our multiplication tables 1-9.  The children should be reviewing their multiplication facts each night.

We are also learning how to measure in a variety of ways. Measurement projects are due Friday, April 14, 2000.

Language Arts

The students are reading Chicken Sunday.  

Ask your child to tell you about the story Chicken Sunday.
Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  Ask your child to describe different things using different adjectives.

The students will be bringing in secret bags on Wednesday with four adjectives written on the bag.  The other students will then be asked to guess what is in the bag by using the adjectives as their clues.

The students are becoming weather experts!  They know all about the water cycle.  Ask your child to sing the water cycle song and show you some of the experiments that we did in class.
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Chicken Sunday
Practice your vocabulary words from the story Chicken Sunday.
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