riemer Mrs. Riemer
Sam Rayburn Junior High School Seventh Grade English Teacher
Agenda for the week of March 18-22, 2002

Monday    -  Free Verse Writing -
              If You're Not From The Prairie 
             D. O. L. #20

Tuesday   -  Begin Diagramming Sentences - to get graphic
             of parts of a sentence -subject/verb 

Wednesday -  Quick Write - "Graduated Drivers"
             D. O. L. #21
Thursday  -  Continue Sentence Diagramming -
             subject/verb/article adjective/adjective

Friday -     Use the Portable Lab to Log onto
             Quia.com - Sentence Proofreading
Please come to class everyday prepared to work diligently.
Make sure you have notebook paper, pencil, black/navy blue pen, red pen, Accelerated Reader, and your assignment notebook.

Thank you,

Mrs. Riemer
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