riemer3 Mrs. Riemer
Sam Rayburn High School Eighth Grade English
Agenda for Week of March 18-22, 2002

Monday -  Free Verse Writing -
          If You're Not From The Prairie
Tuesday  -D. O. L. #20
          Begin Sentence Diagramming - Subject/Verb
          If time allows, introduce Holocaust Study

Wednesday-D. O. L. #21
          Literature/Research Study Begins
          Excerpt - The Diary of Anne Frank
Thursday -Sentence Diagramming - Subject/Verb/Adjectives
          Class Reading of Anne Frank Play

Friday   -Introduce Step-by-Step Research
          Continue Class Reading of
          Anne Frank                  

Please come to class everyday prepared to work diligently.
Make sure you have notebook paper, pencil, black/navy blue ink pen, assignment notebook, and your Accelerated Reader.
      Our Quote for the Week:
        "The difficulty in life is the choice."
                       --George Moore

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