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Salvete omnes.
Welcome to the Richardson Independent School District Latin pages. Here on one page you will find links to the sites maintained by the Latin teachers of RISD.  The following directory will help.

 For vocabulary games for stages 1-40 go to:
     http://www. quia.com/pages/risdlatvocab.html
 For Unit 1 and other Latin 1 stuff go to:
     http://www. quia.com/pages/marcus.html
 For stages 41-45, plus Latin 3 stuff (grammar)go to:
     http://www. quia.com/pages/oracle.html

 Other sites maintained by RISD Latin teachers:
   http://www. quia.com/pages/rhslatin.html
   http://www. quia.com/pages/mcgeester.html
   http://www. quia.com/pages/oracle2.html
Useful links
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