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Evanston Township High School Espanol 1 Regular
¡Bienvenidos a nuestra clase de espanol!

Course Descriptions

1 Spanish Regular

This course is designed to teach a basic vocabulary and the fundamental grammar necessary for further study of the language.

1 Spanish Honors

This course is designed to teach a basic vocabulary and the fundamental grammar necessary for further study of the language, as well as introduce students to Hispanic culture and civilization.  It is similar to 1 Spanish but more extensive and faster paced with a greater expected degree of mastery. 

2 Spanish Regualar
This course is designed to continue the essentials of Spanish grammar and further stress oral development, listening comprehension and reading, and various aspects of Hispanic life.

Class Expectations

Our Spanish class will focus on the integrated approach to language learning which encourages students to think critically. Our class will focus on the five "C’s" of learning a world language.

1. Communication—speaking, reading, writing, and listening
2. Culture—making cultural connections with the lives of students in Spanish-speaking countries
3. Connections—reinforcing and furthering students’ knowledge of other disciplines through Spanish
4. Comparisons – understanding the nature of Spanish through comparisons of their native language, and
5. Communities – using Spanish both within and beyond the school setting.

Students will need to bring a folder, notebook, pen, textbook, and workbook to class every day unless otherwise indicated.  A Spanish-English dictionary is not required, but highly recommended.  Students who do not bring their textbook to class when needed will automatically be assigned a detention.

Students are expected to arrive to class on time, prepared, and ready to participate.  Please refer to your copy of the Pilot for further attendance policies.

Tardiness is not permitted.  If students are not seated when the bell rings, they will be counted tardy.  Students will be assigned a detention for every two tardies.  If a detention is not served, a referral will be given.   Please refer to your copy of the Pilot for further tardiness  policies.

The students’ grade will be based on the following:

* Students are required to keep a portfolio in class.  Projects, in-class assignments, and homework will go into the portfolio.

* Homework will be given nearly every night and will be corrected in class the next day.  Students are to make corrections to their homework while we are going over it in class.  Each completed assignment is worth 10 points and 5 points if half complete.  No late homework is accepted!!!  If absent, students are to call their homework partner(s) for missing assignments.  Those students caught copying assignments from other students will receive a "0" and a detention.  Please refer to your copy of the Pilot for other homework policies.
* All work should be written neatly or typed (No red ink).
* Pages should be labeled with student’s name, date, teacher’s name, class, and period.

* Students are expected to participate in class daily.  Forgetting homework and/or materials and not paying attention count towards your participation grade.

* All quizzes are announced.  There are no pop quizzes.  Quizzes may not be made up if failed.  If a student is absent and excused, quizzes can be made up.  If red ink or barely visible ink is used on quizzes, the student’s grade will be marked down five points.

Tests and Projects………………….30%
* Tests will be administered at the end of each chapter. 
* If less than a 70% is earned on a chapter test, you can retake it.  In order to be able to take a retest, the first test must be signed by a parent.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a time to take a retest.  An average of the 1st and 2nd tests will be made and that will be the chapter test grade. .  If red ink or barely visible ink is used on tests, the student’s grade will be marked down five points.

Grading System:
All homework, quizzes, tests, and projects will be graded according to the following scale:
A 93-100 C+ 77-79
A- 90-92 C 73-76
B+ 87-89 C- 70-72
B 83-86 D+ 67-69
B- 80-82 D 60-66
F 59 & below

*** Please note that there is a department prerequisite of C or better in order to advance to the next level***

Behavioral Expectations:
All students at ETHS are expected to exhibit fundamental human respect for themselves and others.  Please refer to your copy of the Pilot.  Students are not to bring food and beverages to class or chew gum.

If there is a question or concern, please feel free to see me before, during, or after class, or leave me a message at (847) 424-7117 ext. 8272.  I am in room A333 and my office hours are 2nd  period (8:53 – 9:36 a.m.) and 7th period (12:28-1:11p.m.).  The study table is periods 5,6, and 7 in E312.  The department chair is Kathy Pino, office #E310, and her phone number is (847) 424-7450.  I am here to help you learn and be your best in Spanish.

Let’s have fun and learn mucho español!!!
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