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Alluvium-matierial such as fine sand,silt and clay that is deposited by the river over land, especily over the lower river and delta.
Aquifer-an area of underground permable rock that absorbs and stores water.
Dam-a large wall or bank built across a river to hold back water. A dam can be used to control water flowing in a river
Delta-an area of flat landnear the sea or lake that is made up of sediment depsited by the river
Estuarie-the wide mouth of a river where fresh water meets the sea
Floodplain-a broad flat area of land on either side of the lower river. It is covered with sand, silt, and clay deposited by the river
Meander-a natrual curve or bend in the river usualy occuring in the middle course
Oxbow Lake- a meander that has been cut off from the river to form a horseshoe-shaped lake
Sediment- loose solid particles of rocks that are caried along and deposited by the river
Silt-very fine grains of sediment that are caried and deposited by a river
Tributary-a stream or small river flowing into a larger river or stream
Valley-the area in which a river flows
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