rjd Mrs. Detweiler
North Hopewell Winterstown Elementary 6th grade teacher
Welcome to Sixth Grade!

My name is Mrs. Detweiler and I will be your teacher this year.

We are going to have a fantastic year!  One major objective to being a great sixth grade student is to always be prepared.  Here are a few items you will need to begin your year:
1. One subject notebook to write journal entries.
2. Colored pencils for doing maps in S.S.
3. Index tab dividers to organize notebook.
4. Highlighters to do vocabulary.
5. Three holed notebook paper to take notes. This can be college rule or wide rule.
6. Book covers for every book.

The following items are optional but tend to be very helpful.

1. Reinforcements for notebook paper.
2. Extra pencils and erasers to have in class.
3. Some type of item to use as an eraser for individual chalkboard.(Example old sock,eraser,or some type of cloth)
4. Pencil pouch to keep in notebook.

Let's be ready for a year filled with lots of fun activities.

Mrs. Detweiler
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