rm15davidson Ms. Davidson, Ms. Zeichner, Mrs. Klotz
Suburban Park Elementary Third Grade Teachers
October 9, 2000 - October 13, 2000

This week:
Math: We will continue to practice rounding to the nearest
      ten and hundred.  We will also be practicing how to
      add 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers with and without  

Communication Skills:  It is now time for us to start
      learning how to change singular nouns to plural nouns
      using many different rules.  The rules are-- 
         1.  Mosts nouns you can add s to the edd to make
             them plural. Cat = Cats
         2.  If the noun ends in s,ss,x,ch,or sh you add 
             "es" to the end of the noun. Ax = Axes
              Church= Churches
         3.  If the noun ends in a consonant and the letter
             "y" you drop the y and add ies. 
             Berry = Berries   Cherry = Cherries
         4.  If the noun ends in "fe" you drop the "fe" and
             add "ves"--  Wife = Wives   Knife = Knives

Science:  We are finishing up our simple machines unit on
          Tuesday of this week.  The unit test will be on
          Tuesday.  Talk with you child about the different
          kinds of simple machines (lever, pulley, wheel
          and axle, inclines plane, wedge, screw).

Social Studies: On Wednesday we will begin our unit on
       goods and services.  We will be talking about  
       what goods, services, wants and needs are and who
       producers and consumers are.As a class project we
       will be making bookmarks to sell at the school
       store.  The students will be "producers" and the    
       school will be "consumers".  We will be providing a 
       "good" for the school to sell and the school will
       provide a "service" to us by selling the bookmarks. 
       This project will  continue through the year so we 
       will be able to talk about supply and demand also.
       The money we make will go towards our Jamestown
       fieldtrip in May.

     For the Month of October, Suburban Park is having a Penny Drive to help the United Way.  Each class has a jar for pennies to be contributed.

    We are planning a fieldtrip to The Virginia Air and Space Center on October 27, 2000.  The cost is $7.00 per student and $3.00 for adults.  Remember if you are paying by check, your check must be in by October 13, 2000.  Cash will be taken until October 20, 2000.  Please mark your calendar because students need to bring a linch from home.

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks for your help and participation,
Ms. Davidson
Ms. Zeichner
Mrs. Klotz
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