roadtrip Ms. Hill
Vicksburg High School Advanced Placement English instructor
AP English Rocks!!!!

We talk english good.  And we right english good.  aP inglesh werked fer mI.

Coming Soon!

Feb. 7, 2000 Finish learning centers, edit A&P essays, interesting intros, HW: rewrite essays
Feb. 8, 2000 Sensory details to add life to paper, rewrite for essays, HW: read LAW 123-130, answer #1 on 130
Feb. 9, 2000 Group setup for Soto selection or piece, timed writing
Feb. 10, 2000 Grammar scavenger hunt, one pass/fail quiz, start GM
Feb. 11, 2000 Acting workshop for GM
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocab Fun
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