robinsong Gerry
Waltham High  
Hi, My name is Gerry Robinson.  I am enrolled in Mrs. Bassett's writing lab.  I am making a webpage for one of her writing prompts.  I am enrolled in a C2 level English class.  For a grade I am getting a straight A.  I have made Honor Roll for the past two terms.  I am in a C1 level science class, an Honor level Math class, a C2 level History class, and a C2 level French class.  Next year when I am a Sophmore at Waltham High, I will be taking The Youth Tech Entrepeneurs program. This program will teach me how to become a leader in all fields, mainly focuse on Computer Technology.  In the summer of 2001 the YTE program will give me a paig intership job at a nearby business dealing with computers.  Next year I am going to be in an Honor level Biology class, an honor level Englich class, an honor level Math class, and an honor level French class, and a C1 level history class.  When I graduate form Waltham High I plan to go to a college that has a good computer class.  After i graduate from college I plan to start my own business in computers.  I am planing to design my own computer.  I also plan to design my own OS Program.  Just like The Windows OS software.
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