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Richard Huish College Course Manager History
Second Years Programme
Term 1:
Checklist: By now you should have read for and prepared your coursework. Remember to check the deadlines with your teacher.
You will be embarking on the 'Themes in History' course on The Changing Nature of Warfare, 1792-1918 and also the 'Historical Investigations' course which focuses on Lenin and the Bolsheviks (and interpretations of them).
I urge you to take the quizzes I have set up on the web at I recommend that you visit the 'Quiz area' and insert the secret word 'Drevil1' to access the quizzes on Warfare, (and if you're retaking, Britain, 1899-1918). Good luck.

First Year Students
By now you should have reviewed your first notes on Britain 1899-1918. You should make sure you know the motives for New Liberalism (Paint) and the reforms (tommy mcmelts IP)and all the other aspects of the Liberal Party in power and decline. Revise your notes on the social reforms and look carefully at the rise of Labour. Make sure that you have read all the handouts and come and ask me if there is anything you do not understand.
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