rockerbaby40 "Live Wire"
Manchester Elemantary
Hey ya'll,I am Rockerbaby.I enjoy about any kind of sport,academics,visiting other people's web pages and Singing. I am a G.T. That is Gifted and talented.Visit my site as much as possible. Invite ur pals!!! I am a ten year old gal,and in the fifth grade. MJ4ED90is my cuz. He is a big chat room fan so if u see him in a chat room tell him that his cuz Rockerbaby40 said "HI". My pals at school call me "LIVE WIRE" because I am good and participate at so many things. I also am very very hyper!!! U can ask MJ4ED90.

I made this site at Quia makes some of the best sites if u have CREATIVITY!!!
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