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I have seen all of the hard work that the kids do and they are still focused and determined to make a good start to the year. 

After a week of 8th grade testing, it appears that my 8th graders are doing well concerning the state testing....only time will tell, but if their class work is any indication they will have scored very well.  It is amazing what a child can do when the word "CAN'T" is taken out of their vocabulary.

Oh by the way the "Pyramid" project that the 7th and 8th graders were working on was scored in the following manner:

7th grade group :  B+
8th grade group :  A-
Individual work:  Caleb:  B
                  Melissa: B-

After all of the hard work of building the pyramids to solve the question of how many popsickle sticks does it take to build a pyramid? The classes were excited to find out that there was a better way to figure it out than to put the pyramid together one stick at a time.


Well the time for grades are out and the results are very, very good.  CONGRADULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS FOR ACHIEVING THE HONOR ROLL:

Melissa J.

A special note:  There will be trophies in the Resource room for display as the children work towards being the top students for the semester. 

At the present time each student who has achieved the honor roll will be receive a "Honor Roll" trophy. As the semester progresses the students will continue to compete in for awards to be presented at the end of the semester.

Special note I really appreciate the efforts that the parents have made concerning being supportive of the ideas I have for giving the kids the opportunity to excel academically.

The awards ceremony was perfect.  The kids truly earned the awards that they received. The parents were so proud, I was so was truly a time to remember that will not happen again.  The children received the following awards:

Highest Grade Point Average:         John M.
Most Green Days:                     John M.
Most Improved Attitude:              John M.
Student of the Year:                 Casey C.
Most Improved Academically:          Daniel O.
Most Improved Reading:               Angel M.
Most Improved Reading Testing:       David M.
Can't Means Won't Award:             Jerry Diaz
Best Math Student 7th Grade:         Caleb T.
Best Math Student 8th Grade:         Melissa J.
Best Math Student 6th Grade:         Marcina H.
Best Attitude:                       Cesar B.
Most Energetic:                      Brandon J.

Overall it has been a great school year and I could not have asked for better kids, maybe 100 % on the honor roll, but that is a goal for next year.  80% will have to do.  Thanks for all the work and have a great and safe summer. 

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