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I'm a girl, I'm 12, and I'm a total RocketShipper. Check out all the proof below and find out! What's a Rocketshipper, you ask? It is like a Palletshipper, with AAML, except this is JAJL. If you support JAJL, you are a Rocketshipper.

A Little Interview With Team Rocket...
(Note: I'm VT.)
VT: First, we'll talk with Meowth.
Meowth: Hi!
VT: So, Meowth, do you think it's true? Are you a Rocketshipper?
Meowth: You bet I am! I like to torture them saying dat stuff.
VT: What makes you think they really like each other?
Meowth: Well, for one thing, dhose two are always hugging. I don't see dhose twerps hugging when dey get scared!
VT: Anything else?
Meowth: Well, when James' parents wanted him to get married to Jessibelle, we thought he was gone. Dhen he came by in our Team Rocket balloon, and Jesse got in with him. Did you see da way they looked at each other? They even forgot me!
VT: Ah, I see. OK, we will now move to Jesse. Bye, Meowth!
Meowth: Bye!
VT: Good morning, Jesse.
Jesse: Hi.
VT: So, are we Rocketshippers right?
Jesse: Absolutely not! We may be friends, but we don't love each other!
VT: ::Under breath:: That's what they all say, then they end up getting married....
Jesse: What was that?!
VT: Um...nothing. So, how long have you known James?
Jesse: Most of my life. I think I met him when I was 7.
VT: How old was he then?
Jesse: Same age as me.
VT: So, then you join Team Rocket?
Jesse: Yes, I didn't know who I would team up with. It surprised me James joined too.
VT: So, you've known the guy most of your life. How old are you two now?
Jesse: We're both 17.
VT: OK, 10 years. That's a long time.
Jesse: Yea....
VT: OK, I better talk to James now. Nice chatting with you.
Jesse: Bye!
VT: Hi, James!
James: Hi....
VT: So, you're best friends with Jesse, huh?
James: Um-hum. I've known her since I was 7.
VT: How do you feel about Rocketshipping?
James: Rocketshipping? What's that?
VT: Um...have you heard of Palletshipping?
James: Yea.
VT: It's like that, only with you and Jesse.
James: What?!
VT: So, how do you feel about it?
James: Embarrassed.
VT: You really do like her?
James: No! I mean yes! As a friend only!
VT: Meowth said he was a total Rocketshipper.
James: What?! I'm going to kill that stupid cat....
VT: There's been a lot of hints though. As much as the "twerps."
James: I knew they liked each other!
VT: ::Sigh:: Just admit it.....this is a private one will know.....
James: Friend!
VT: Oh, come on, James! Admit it!
James: I'm not admitting it. I don't have to tell. Whoops.
VT: Hehe....I knew it!
James: This WILL be a secret, right?
VT: Of course! :Under breath:: Psych!
James: What?
VT: Nothing. Well, I better get going....bye!
James: Bye, VT!

Proof From Episodes
Holy Matrimony:
On this episode James goes back home and his parents, who pretend to be dead first, try to get him to marry his fiance. At the end of the episode Jessie is walking away sad because she thinks James decided to stay home and marry Jessibelle to inherit his family's millions.
Jesse: Oh, well, guess James chose to hang up his Team Rocket costume.
Meowth: I guess all that money and luxury was just too tempting for James to give up.
Jesse (her head down looking very sad): I guess you're right.
James (from his hot air balloon): Prepared for trouble?
Jesse: James?!!! Ah, make it double!
::Jesse runs after the balloon. James grabs her hand and pulls her up, she laughs::
Jesse: I guess were not going to get rich this time either.
James: Guess not, they wouldn't give me the inheritance.
Jesse: Ohh, there's always next time! We may not make a lot of money, but we sure have got our freedom.
James: Yeah, double trouble time, right?
Jesse: Sounds great to me James!
The Ultimate Test:
Jesse and James go back to Pokemon tech to take a Pokemon Master test. Jesse gets very upset because she thinks the questions asked are stupid and leaves before finishing the exam. James feels sorry for her...and wants to do good on the test on Jesse's name.
James (sounding very upset...): Jesse's been expelled! Now I'll have to do my best for her!
Later James dedicates his Pokémon battle to Jesse...
James: This one is for you Jesse!

And the best proof of all....

The Pokémon Shipwreck

James: Jessica? (holding hands)
Jesse: Yes James?
James: Whoever said beauty doesn’t last, must of been thinking of us.
Jesse: I’ll always remember what a wonderful dresser you were.
James: So will I.(Looking into each other's eyes very lovingly)

Second scene James(very nervous): I can’t cross that inferno! Jesse and Meowth, you go ahead, I’m staying here!
Jesse: James, James, James, James!(she says this as she slaps him on the face) Snap out of it! How long do you think you’d last on this side? Now let’s go, we’ll cross together.
James: Oh Jessie, please don’t abandon me. (holds onto Jessie)
Jessie: Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.

RocketShipper Pictures


Another hug.


Oooooh, James feels so bad for her.

This is just plain sweet.

They even hug when they're scared.

It's the look that counts here.

Cheek to cheek.

Another scared hug.

Jesse's looking at James. What's that in the background?

James: Jesse, can't we ever get any privacy?!

Hand holding, roses, rainbow, and those little bubble things.

Here's the famous "look."

They can't go without each other.

Aw, James is jealous.

Another scared hug.

They hug when they're happy.

They hug anytime.

Sleeping Beauty, a love story. Who's shadows are those?


ABOUT to hug James.

They even hug when they're unconsious.

This is also...just plain cute.

The shipwreck scene.

Another of the shipwreck scene.

Yet another hug.

Yet ANOTHER hug.

Do they ever stop?

A cut out piece of the roses, rainbow, and hand holding.

This is one of the best ones.

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