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These are the games I have hosted here on Quia. Please note, that you can just click on the individual game to play it. Please be sure to check back often for new games!

UPDATE! Now over 200 puzzles on Raven's Classic Rock Hangman!

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Raven's Classic Rock Word Search
Raven's Classic Rock Hangman (Regular)
Raven's Classic Rock Hangman (easy)
Raven's Rockin' Duets
Suzie (i)Q
Test your knowledge of musical Susans, Suzies and Sues
I'm With The Band
All the songs in this quiz contain the word "band"
Raven's Classic Rock Battle Ship
Raven's Rockin' Halloween Quiz
Raven's Rock Pairs Matching Game - (Easy)
Raven's Rock Pairs Matching Game - Hard
Raven's Rock of Ages
Raven's Lyrics Challenge
Raven's Classic Rock Trivia Challenge
Halloween Concentration Game
Not a Music Game - but thought you might enjoy it anyway. Happy Halloween!
Raven's Zoo Review
Raven's Rock & Roll Jumble
Raven's Name That Tune
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