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                    Mineral Notes

   Some important things that make a mineral a mineral are:
1. Must be made in nature
2. Must have a crystal pattern
3. Must be an inorganic solid
4. Must have a certain chemical composition

   Also to identify a mineral you must first look at a couple of things. One is the color;this is usually helpful only if the colors is different as in red or orange. Another is the mineral's luster; or its effect on light, in other words the luster is how shiny the mineral is. Streak is helpful only if yoou have something sharp because the streak is the color of the rock or mineral's powder. There are others such as hardness and fracture, but there names speak for therselves. Cleavage is one that is an expensive way to identify the mineral. I say this because the cleavage is how the mineral breaks along its surface. If it breaks with sharp edges then it will most likely be a mineral if it breaks with round edges it is most likely a rock and nothing more.
   Hopefully with the information I have given you, you will find some beatiful minerals.

   Click on these links to find more information about rocks and minerals.
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