rocksandminerals1 Lauren Ellerbee
Malcom Bridge Middle School  
Rocks and Minerals

  A Mineral is an inorganic substance occuring
  naturally in the earth that has a composition
  that can be expressed in a chemical formula.        

  Here are six ways to identify a Mineral:
      1. Color- ususally doesn't help much
                unless the color is different
                and unusual.
      2. Luster- luster is the way a mineral
                 reflects light. 
                 There are two types of luster:        
                 Metallic, and Non-Metallic luster. 
                      Metallic luster appears shiny like a
                      Non Metallic luster appears dull
                      and does not look like a
     3. Streak- is the color of a rock or
                minerals powder.
     4. Hardness- how eaisly or difficult it
                  is to scratch the mineral.
     5. Cleavage- a mineral that breaks along
                  a very smooth and flat
     6. Fracture- a mineral that breaks along 
                  a very rough and jagged

         To Be a Mineral it...
             1. Must be made in nature
             2. Must have a crystal pattern
             3. Must be non-living solid
             4. Must have a certain chemical

   Rocks are a mixture of different minerals.
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