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      Welcome to our classroom web page. This site will provide you with access to the following things: classroom newsletters, content study guides, links to relevant internet resources, and games to review content. We will also be using Remind101 to help with things like PE reminders, due dates for various school forms, project supplies. etc.
       I want to thank you for all the supplies that were donated to our classroom. If you haven't had a chance to donate things yet, here is the list of items that we are requesting: Model Magic Clay, Clorox Wipes, Duct Tape, paper towels, dry erase markers, craft sticks, and zip ties (any size).
       In math, we are working on volume, area, perimeter, and multiplying numbers with decimals. The kids are learning how to code using While learning coding, they are also calculating the area, perimeter, and volume of the different stages they complete in Minecraft Designer and Adventurer. They are also designing a man cave for me using Roomsketcher. They are trying to decide on the size of the room they will need based on the dimensions of the various equipment (treadmill, flatscreen TV, weights, Elliptical Trainer, etc.) that will go in it. Finally, they we are now using coupons within our own classroom store. The kids have the opportunity to buy seat changes, lunch, Get out of Jail Free Pass, comfy chairs, and Minecraft devices, but they have to calculate the cost of each item based on the percent off coupon and/or sales tax.
       In science, the kids have begun constructing their shelters in the woods next to the playground. While they are doing this, they are learning about the differences between weathering, erosion, and deposition. In particular, they are learning how these forces might impact whether they will be able to build shelters in the location they chose as well as the longevity of it. They are also learning how to prevent the different types of chemical and physical weathering and erosion (wind, water, organism, and human) from destroying their homes. They will be documenting in a photo essay what is occurring and researching approaches to limit the destructive impact of it. Finally, they will be researching one unique landform, writing an informational report on it, and creating models/simulations of it.
       In social studies, the kids are beginning to learn about the Great Depression. They are currently working on models of Hoovervilles, soup kitchens, and Dust Bowl on Minecraft within a Great Depression World. While doing this, they will begin taking on the role of president of their world and devising a plan or New Deal. They are also creating a fictional newspaper article about the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The article will be written in the first person form to ensure that the kids take on the perspective of the people during this time period. Finally, they will begin constructing their budget houses in our classroom later this week. Once they have had a chance to build them we will begin our own version of the Great Depression. I will use the random button on Classdojo to select 3 kids per day who will lose their jobs. If they are unable to pay their monthly mortgage they will have their house foreclosed on they will have to rebuild their house using scraps and recyclables (mimicking the Hoovervilles). Of course, if this happens they can be part of the process to create our own version of a "New Deal".
        In language arts, we don't have any new words, prefixes, idioms or bases this week, but the kids will still have their vocabulary jeopardy quiz on Friday. The kids are still reading their Activelylearn books and are focusing on how the five types of foreshadowing are used in their text. In writing, some of the kids have completed their rough draft of their Storyjumper 20+ page books and are in the revisions/publishing. I have been really impressed with everyone's stories. They are doing an excellent job of integrating foreshadowing, thick rich descriptions, and the elements of a story in their writing. In reading, we are focusing on puzzle reading. The kids have been given the "The Riddle" and "The Naughty Boy" to reassemble. They have used skills like cause and effect, transition words, and their own prior experiences while putting the story back together.
         Thank you for all the materials that you sent in for the Mall of Yargo. It was greatly appreciated and definitely added to the kids learning experience. I hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of your week.

9/26 - Hat Day to support Barrow Literacy
9/26 - SGT Meeting at 8:00 a.m.
9/27 - PTO Fall Festival (More information to come)

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