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Shelburne Middle School Language Arts Teacher
April 16 -- May 25: The Diary of Anne Frank with an overview of World War II and the Holocaust

SOL 8.3 - Apply knowledge of the characteristics and elements of various literary forms
-- Recognize characteristics of a play, essay, and poetry
-- Identify the main idea or theme of a selection
-- Analyze the characterization and character development in a play
-- Describe cause-effect relationships and their impact on plot
SOL 8.5 - Expository/Persuasive writing

We will begin the unit with an overview of World War II and the Holocaust. Students are invited to bring their grandparents in to discuss with the class their memories of World War II and America's views of the Holocaust in 1945.
Students will spend several days in the computer lab researching Holocaust information.
The play "The Diary of Anne Frank" will be read by students and students will practice their narrative and expository writing skills by keeping a daily diary.

SOL practice: students will also review computer application and internet research to get ready for the technology SOL test.
Each day, students will practice reading strategies and review the standards that we have covered this year to get ready for the English SOL test.

Upcoming events:
May 1: English Reading SOL
May 2: Science SOL
May 4: Computer Technology SOL
May 8/9: Math 8 SOL
May 10: Algebra/Geometry SOL
May 23: Freshman Orientation at Lee High School

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