Northwood Junior High School Italian teacher
OBJECTIVES To explore the monuments and sites of Rome To become familiar with the layout of the Eternal City To make an itinerary of what to see and where to eat To learn about the history of two famous Roman monuments LEARNING SCENARIO You and your family are preparing for your first trip to Italy, destination Roma, of course. This activity page will take you on a virtual tour of the Eternal City (La Città Eterna). By entering a map of the city, you will preview monuments, churches, and other Roman treasures. By the time you actually land in Rome, with your friends and relatives, you will be an informed cicerone (guide, a word derived from Cicero, the famous ancient Roman orator). PROCESS Complete the activities in the packet based on the website listed below. ACTIVITIES - In packet EVALUATION - In packet HREF="/files/quia/users/loredana man fredini/powerpointpres.htm"> View rules "/files/quia/users/pegasus/Assignments.doc">View Assignments
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