Northwood Junior High School  
To explore furthe the monuments and sites of Rome
To become familiar with the layout of the Eternal City
To make an itinerary of
      what to see
      where to eat
      based on the needs of different people
To make a scapbook of sites "visited"

Your family has finally decided to take that trip to Rome.  Your are all excited.  This is your one chance to absorb as much of Rome and what it has to offer in one week.  The proplem is that each one of you has different interests and likes, so you must make an itinerary that fits all of your interests and needs.  Once you are in Rome you have to visit all of these fun and exciting places and bring back information and pictures for a scrapbook.  You want to have a good trip and bring back plenty of memories.

Your task as a family is to search the site below for places in Rome that fit your interests.
Assign roles (see packet)
"Visit" these places, gather information, and take "photos" of the places you visit.
When you get back "home" you will put all of the information and "photos" into a scrapbook so you can have a place for all of your "family's" memories of your trip to Rome.
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