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Slaughter Elementary  
Hello my WONDERFUL Scientists!!!  Your experiment this week is about your body.   Your body is a complex organisam made up of many different parts that all work together to help you function each and every day.  
Question: How can you tell your heart is beating?

Materials: toothpick,   modeling clay

1.  Stick the toothpick into a small ball of the modeling clay.
2.  Hold your arm straight out, keeping it perfectly still.
3.  Place the ball of clay with the toothpick facing up on the area of your wrist where you think your pulse is located.  YOu may need to move the ball around until you find the strongest beat.  What happens to the toothpick??

**  Come to class with your hypothesis (guess) and your explanation.  I will show you the experiment and we will have a class discussion over it.  Have fun and I hope you can figure out the answer.  (Remember--just try your best and if you don't get it, we will discuss it in class)
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