room16 Mrs deAngeli
Hildreth School Social Studies teacher
Happy Spring! It has been a while since we've updated our classroom newsletter. We have been quite busy and progressing well in our subjects.
"Ask Me About..."

Unit Four has now began in our books." Make It Happen" will highlight stories of people and their determination. Nellie Bly was our first story, an interesting woman will great courage...

We have just finished a unit on fractions. Most students understood  how to add and subtract using fractions.
Good job !

Electricity has now begun...

Egypt has been quite interesting.. We've made our own mummies and tombs..Today we took a trip to modern day Egypt thanks to Mrs. Due's class. Very interesting place...

We seem to be using our homework passes a lot lately. Many students are forgetting  papers. Let's see if we can end our fantastic year on an organized path.

MCAS will begin on May 14th. We will do our best by getting a good nights sleep.

Mrs. deAngeli
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