room19grade3 Mr. Hoss
Wampatuck grade 3 teacher
Math Book pg 246-247, all. No cut-outs needed.

It's certainly nice to see all the assignment books coming in with parents' initials, indicating our room 19ers are reading the night before for at least 30 minutes. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ALL YOU READERS!

BOOK REPORT  DUE: Monday, February 25
1. Title
2. Author
3. 4-5 sentence paragraph summary of your person's life telling only the most important events of their life.
4. Six Vocabulary words - defined.

PLEASE INITIAL YOUR CHILD'S ASSIGNMENT BOOK INDICATING THEY HAVE READ FOR A HALF HOUR EACH NIGHT. Please do this every night for the rest of the school year, initial it, and send it back to school with them the next morning. This should be done every night not just school nights.

Any paper that says, "Do Over", "Fix", or "Incomplete" needs to done over for homework and turned in the next morning corrected.

Each third grader should be reading for AT LEAST 30 minutes a night at home.

Should be spending 15-20 minutes per night on multiplication flash cards. The goal is to know through the tens table by the end of November. We are now at the END of November! Have they spent the time? Do they know their times tables? Many do!

DATES: Friday, February 8 - No School for students.
               Thursday, February 14 - Valentine's Party.
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