room206 Mr. Allyn
Subject: estimation

Grade level: 3rd

Objective: Students will gain experience with the concept of reasonable estimate.

Lesson Duration: 10 minutes weekly

Academic Standard Addressed: Number Sense

Technology Standards Addressed: N/A

Anticipatory Set: Estimation jar is filled at the beginning of each week, with a variety of different objects.  Anything that might pique the students interest like candy (sugarless), or small practical items like erasers or balloons.

Student Centered Activity: Students have all week to enter their estimation of the jar's contents on a class table of estimates.  At the end of the week all estimates are listed on the board.  As whole-class discussion, we see if there are any estimates that are not reasonable and throw those out.  Also, as part of the discussion, we see how many equal groups we may get from the jar contents.

Resources needed: An endless supply of mad cash to keep the jar full each week.

Assessment: Done through observation to see how much of the class is engaged throughout the process.
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