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Tucker School
Homework assignments will be given Monday through Thursday.  Book reports, oral presentations, and research projects will be assigned over a longer period of time and advanced notification will be given.  These activities will constitute weekend homework.  Each night your child should read for twenty minutes.  This can be done independently or you can read aloud with him or her. Your child should be spending between 60 - 75 minutes a night to complete assignments.

Schools supplies that are necessary for a successful year are as follows: homework assignment notebook, crayons, markers, pencils, erasers, ruler, and a container to hold supplies.

Daily homework assignments will be listed on the classroom assignment board.  Students are required to enter these assignments in their homework notebook. Posting of short term assignments will be found on the monthly calendar. Long term assignments will be posted on our web page and the monthly calendar. Please note that students will be well aware of these expectations prior to due date.  Please check these resources on a continual basis.

Summer reading expectations are the completion of Yang and his Terrible Ear and Chocolate Fever.  During the first week of school these books will be discussed and assignments will be based on these novels.
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