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John Stanford International School 4th/5th grade
Welcome to Maestra Jennifer's Student and Parent Help Website!  I will be posting important announcements for you to review, as well as providing fun and educational games to strengthen basic skills and aid you in further exploring important concepts presented in class.

What's going on these days...

Famous African Americans Report - Students have a step-by-step process of creating a traditional 5-paragraph (or more) essay on a historical figure of their choosing.  Writing process will be modeled and practiced in class, but most of the work will be done at home in steps.  Due early February.

Europe - We are starting our social studies unit on Europe.  Part of this curriculum will be covered through our afternoon rotations schedule.  I am teaching internet research on Ancient Greece with a Power Point Presentation, Nani is working with kids on Greek and Latin Roots, and Joni will cover Shakespearean Drama.

Food Chemistry - Our new science kit has come and we have begun to study Food Chemistry by testing different foods for nutrients.  We are also looking at the food pyramid and discussing healthy ways of eating.

Volunteers needed!!!

Parents are always welcome to drop in; I keep a notebook fairly updated with projects and work.  As far as in-class work with students, if you have any time Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 1:30 and 2:00, Maestra Karen and I could always use help during computer rotations.
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